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- Storage + Serving -

Our wines can be enjoyed young, but will reward patience. Lake's Folly Cabernets, in our opinion, is best drunk either in its youth (within
18 months from release) or left to develop to a mature wine 10–15+ years (depending on the vintage).

In its youth, the wine has primary fruit flavours. We recommend decanting a few hours beforehand to allow the wine to breathe and open up. The wine may go through a 'dull' period, where it does not display the vibrant fruit of a young wine, nor the developed bottle aged characters of an aged wine. The wine is not unpleasant, but not at its optimum for drinking. When mature, the secondary flavours develop and decanting is all that is necessary, just prior to drinking.

Lake's Folly Chardonnay is best served at around 12–15°C (the Cabernets can be served at around 20°C). Our wines are mostly not sterile filtered. It is therefore imperative that if you wish to cellar your wine, the correct storage conditions are adhered to.

As wine is a living thing, it will change constantly in the bottle and go through development phases and achieve its greatest potential if transported in cooler conditions and cellared:

- in cool surroundings – not above 20°C
- especially avoiding daily temperature fluctuations
- protected from light, whether daylight or artificial
- lying on the side so the cork remains moist
- for enjoyment, the name of the game.