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WineArk | Australia's Most Collected Wines 2016

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WineArk  |  Australia's Most Collected Wines 2016

Wine Ark's list of the 50 most collectable wines, released every three years, has become the go to guide on the subject and the results are a clear indication when it comes to cellaring. Numbers are sourced from the managed cellars across Wine Ark's 16 sites nationally.

We are delighted to have Lake's Folly Cabernets at No 4 overall Most Collected wine on the list, and Lake's Folly Chardonnay moving up 12 places to No 23 overall.

There has been a notable increase in the volume of Chardonnay being cellared. Respected wine writer and publisher, Campbell Mattinson, remarked: “Peering into the treasure chests of Australian wine collectors is always a fascinating exercise. It’s not just informative; it helps ground us all. For all the talk, for instance, of new Australian chardonnay styles, two of the biggest (upward) movers on the collector list are Lake’s Folly Chardonnay and Giaconda Chardonnay, both invariably made in a fuller style. Australian wine collectors listen and learn but ultimately think for themselves. That’s why we crave these lists. They keep things real. The chattering folk can say whatever they want; this is what’s actually happening.”

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