60th Anniversary Year | 2021 Cabernets & 2022 Chardonnay Release

60th Anniversary Year | 2021 Cabernets & 2022 Chardonnay Release

After selling out of last year's releases in just a few short months, we’re excited to announce our 2021 Cabernets and 2022 Chardonnay are now available -  a couple of great wines for our 60th Anniversary Year release.

In 2021, we saw the end of a three-year drought period (El Niño) that, although resulting in smaller volumes, facilitated a run of excellent vintages. The vineyard yields bounced back for the 2021 vintage, and the Cabernets is layered and balanced and beautiful. True to the Folly style, as always.

During 2022, we were presented with the challenges of La Niña, which delivered late harvest rainfall. The Chardonnay, however, is a remarkably resilient grape and it never ceases to amaze us that, often, the best vintages of Lake’s Folly Chardonnay come from these more challenging seasons. Perhaps, in part, due to better natural acid retention from the cooler harvest period (being one theory); suffice to say, the 2022 vintage Chardonnay is outstanding, and will also have great longevity.

Lake’s Folly 2021 Cabernets        |             95+ / 100

Lifted blueberry, raspberry and fresh cherry aromas with hints of liquorice and black pepper, that carry over to the palate. A medium-bodied style, it is classy and nicely balanced, with a lovely tannin-to-fruit-sweetness ratio, that creates a textural, stylish wine. 

Lake’s Folly 2022 Chardonnay    |              95+ / 100

Colour is golden straw. Nose shows lifted fruits of peach, pear juice and citrus, with hints of spice and dried oats. The palate is tight and fine, with the same fruits of peach and pear juice coming through, along with subtle but perfectly-integrated French oak. Elegant, stylish, with great acidity to give length and persistence. 

An important change we’d like to make you aware of:

We have finally made the decision to go to screwcap closures on our Cabernets – with careful consideration, having spent the past 10+ years doing trials with the Cabernets sealed under both cork and screwcap, and in the interest of quality and consistency, we have made this move and will be supplying our 750ml and 375ml Reds with screwcap closures, from here on (the exception being the 1.5-Litre Magnums and 3-Litre Double Magnums which are still sealed under cork, for now). 

If you do wish to have your order of the 750ml Cabernets sealed under cork, we will have a small allocation of just the 750ml Cabernets available, though you will need to specify this when you order (just include this as a note in the Delivery Instructions area, during the online checkout process)  - otherwise, your 750ml Cabernets will be sent sealed with screwcap closures. This may also influence the way you choose to cellar your Cabernets going forward (bottles with screwcap closures can still be laid down, though it is not essential as it is for bottles under cork; wines sealed under screwcap can be stored upright). Lake’s Folly Chardonnay has been sealed with screwcap closures for 12 years now, and the positives from this also encouraged our decision with the reds.

As we reach another milestone in this the vineyard’s sixtieth year, and among an ever-changing industry landscape, we’re delighted to see Lake’s Folly’s following continue to grow stronger each year - biggest thanks of course, to our very loyal Members and Customers!

This small,13-hectare single-site vineyard still holds an important place in the Australian wine landscape, and in its history; our staunch following reinforces to us that ‘terroir’ and an estate-produced focus are elements that are just as important to you, as they are to our team here.

You can place your order online here and read more about these latest vintages - or click on any of the BUY WINE buttons on our website.


Rodney Kempe


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